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Rebel Home is a luxury collection of home goods that include candles, room sprays, and more. The brand was specifically curated for people who are revolutionary by nature. While most home goods brands manufacture products that simply enhance a space, Rebel Home disrupts the status quo by taking it a step further with manufacturing quality products that enhance a space while also evoking emotion. 


With Rebel Home, consumers get to enjoy premium products that can be smelt and felt! This euphoric bliss is accomplished through carefully sourcing premium ingredients. Every product manufactured by Rebel Home is 100% natural. The candles and room sprays are built with mood-setting scents that effortlessly bring an ambiance to any environment.


Made for trendsetters by a trendsetter, Rebel Home was founded by Drea Nicole in 2020. Her vision for Rebel Home was to create something unique to individuals who are bonafide trendsetters; individuals who move through life with a passion that cannot be explained or contained, only felt.  When Drea decided on offering candles and room sprays, she knew that the products simply smelling good wouldn’t suffice. Instead, the products needed to make people feel good. Drea set out to curate products that could turn bad moods into good ones and good days into even better evenings. In Rebel’s short span of existence, consumers—those who fit the profile of a rebel and those who simply fancy quality home goods—have confirmed that products from Rebel Home do exactly that. 


As the brand continues to expand, it maintains its commitment to offering high quality items that customers can be proud of using in their personal spaces. Rebel will continue to provide the kind of products that foster self-care and encourage people to exist as the truest versions of themselves in every way and in every space.