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Crystal Oud Room Spray

Introducing our new Luxe Collection of Room Sprays, a triumphant fusion of olfactory opulence inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540. Elevate your space with these exquisite scents, each crafted to evoke a distinct aura of sophistication and luxury.

"Crystal Oud" - Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540: Envelop your surroundings in the captivating allure of Crystal Oud. This room spray mirrors the iconic fragrance with a harmonious blend of bergamot freshness, velvety jasmine, and the rich depth of oud. Allow the lingering notes to cast an enchanting spell, transforming your space into a sanctuary of elegance and mystique.

Scent Notes:

Top Notes: Sparkling Bergamot, Radiant Saffron "Crystal Oud" opens with the sparkle of Bergamot, creating a fresh and invigorating ambiance. Radiant Saffron weaves through, adding a touch of warmth and intrigue to the olfactory symphony.

Middle Notes: Velvety Jasmine Petals, Enigmatic Amberwood As the flame dances, the heart of the fragrance blooms with velvety Jasmine Petals, lending an air of floral sophistication. Enigmatic Amberwood adds depth, creating a captivating and mysterious allure that mirrors the essence of Baccarat Rouge 540.

Base Notes: Rich Oud Accord, Sensual Musk, Vanilla Infusion The candle's final act unfolds with the richness of Oud Accord, providing a luxurious and lingering trail. Sensual Musk embraces the senses with warmth, while Vanilla Infusion adds a sweet and creamy finish, leaving an indelible mark of elegance.

Each room spray in our Luxe Collection is meticulously crafted to bring the sophistication and enchantment of these iconic luxury scents into your home at a fraction of the cost. Elevate your ambiance, indulge your senses, and let the lingering fragrances weave a tapestry of opulence in every room.


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